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Drug Related Deaths in U.S. States

Drug Related Deaths in U.S. States provides state level data grouped by adult (age 20 and over) and youth (age 19 and under). Underlying cause-of-death is selected from the conditions entered by the physician on the cause of death section of the death certificate. The cause of death is defined as the initiating event leading directly to death, or the circumstance which produced the fatal injury. When more than one cause or condition is entered by the physician, the underlying cause is determined by the sequence of conditions on the certificate, and associated selection rules and modifications. Deaths to foreign residents and residents who died abroad are excluded.

For ICD-10 death codes, see ICD-10 reference. See drug definitions for details of the drug-related death categories listed below.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics. Compressed Mortality File, 1999-2006.

At least one gender category is required. Also choose one or more options from Totals, population, Youth and Adult options, or from the three detailed accidental, intentional, and undetermined cause categories.


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